• BBM Icon Gets Unofficial Makeover That Would Make Jony Ive Ripe With Joy

    Digital Homeboy, of the BlackBerry concept design fame, is at it again. This time working on something that we could actually see implemented in the near future. He gives a pretty solid explanation as to why his very well founded suggestion should be adopted:
    “My BBM icon take is a play on simplicity to the core. The elimination of featured gloss and black gradient in the middle to the thick grey stroke outline. I have also decided to remove the reversed fore fronted chat bubble as users new and old are or have become quite familiar on the abbreviated three letters. The singular shape and minor adjusted tweaks are actually taken from the Legacy BlackBerry models where a tiny BBM icon would show up in the notifications bar which has also carried over to Android in a less friendlier way. The original iOS 7 BBM icon when compared to the other big and small developer apps, who have as well updated their icons to be more reflective and keep the continuity flow of iOS 7, makes this BBM icon stand out as a sore thumb but only being saved slightly by its gradient backing.”
    What do you think? Should BBM adopt a new logo with a flat design?

    Source: Gadgism.com

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