• BBM For Desktop Shown Off At BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 [UPDATED]


    Geoff Quattromani of notanalog.com had a sit down with Chris Smith after the session and got a some very sad news to his question about BBM for Desktop.

    In exact words, "no plans", to which I said,"so it was just a proof of concept?" and his words, "not even a proof of concept." Ultimately Chris wanted to make it clear what we saw today was just a demo of just how capable the host USB features can be and developers can take that and just run with it.
    So, there you have it. It isn't coming for desktop.


    Interesting things coming out of BlackBerry Jam Asia today. A form of BlackBerry Messenger for the PC desktop was shown off by Alec Saunders and Chris Smith to attendees. The version of BBM for the desktop seems to be a mirrored version of BBM, much like what BBM is on the PlayBook when bridged from the phone. This version used USB and WiFi.

    Reports are that BlackBerry is working on a Mac version of this but no mention of a release was made.

    Stay tuned for more information coming out of BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013.

    Source: NotAnalog.com

    Source: N4BB

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