• BBM Custom PIN Pricing Lowered For A Limited Time!

    We let you know a few days ago that Custom BBM PINs were lowered to $0.99 in the BBM Shop. It seems BlackBerry might have initially jump the gun, as they've only officially announced the new pricing structure today, offering those who initially paid $1.99 monthly for a custom PIN to update their subscription to the new pricing.

    Since launching in March, we’ve had many people express their love for their Custom PIN and share how easy it has been to add new contacts to BBM. Because we know you’re loyal to BBM, we don’t want you to miss out! We are making it easier than ever to get your Custom BBM PIN.

    For a limited time, you can get a Custom PIN subscription from the BBM Shop for 99 cents per month.

    Your Custom PIN is easier for you and your friends to remember and will add some personality. Use your nickname, your company name or something that’s personal to only you – the options are endless.

    Remember, PINs must be 6-8 characters long, and can include numbers and letters only, and are not case sensitive. Don’t forget, special characters cannot be used.
    All existing Custom PIN users can take advantage of this sale. To apply the new price to your current Custom PIN subscription, just follow these three steps:

    Step 1: Make sure you download the latest version of BBM.
    Step 2: Visit the BBM Shop and tap the Custom PIN Subscription icon.
    Step 3: Tap ‘Update your Subscription’ and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Will the new limited time pricing for a custom BBM PIN finally give you the necessary reasoning to get one? Let us know in the comments below!

    Source: IBB

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