• BBM Channel Update In Beta Zone, Adds Dark Theme And Other Goodies

    An update in the BlackBerry Beta Zone has rolled out for BBM Channels. And these are some major updates that have been requested by BBM Channel users. This is a really fantastic update which may mark one of the final updates before the BBM Channels move out of Beta status to and onto general issue.

    Some of the updates include:

    • The ability to spread the word to about BBM on iOS and Android to your friends and family. When you update an automatic personal message (BBM Status) will alert your contacts about Multi-Platform BBM availability and how they can download, and easily spread the word across Facebook and Twitter by a "Share the News" button.
    • Ability to block BBM Channel subscribers: You can now block individuals from commenting and reposting in your channel right from the channel comments.
    • ONLY FOR BLACKBERRY OS 10.2: The Black Theme for BBM. You can switch between light and dark for BBM.

    You can download the BBM Channel update either through the BlackBerry World Beta Zone app for BlackBerry 10.1 and 10.2 users, or follow this link to sign up and download now for BBOS and BlackBerry 10.0 users.

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