• BBM & BlackBerry World Running On The PlayBook With BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS

    Well, seeing how we don't know how long it's going to be until we have BlackBerry 10 OS running on our BlackBerry PlayBooks, our very own BBOS Editor, Ice2921, was able to get BBM and BlackBerry World running on his PlayBook with a Dev Alpha BlackBerry 10 OS build!

    With BBM, we were able to send/receive pictures, and chat just like normal. Everything worked fairly well, just some things were buggy. Which is expected with a Dev Alpha OS version of BBM. Nonetheless, it is working.

    Also, check out more images below of BlackBerry World alive and well. Ice was even able to successfully download and install the BBOS Mobile App for BlacKBerry 10.

    Look out for a tutorial coming soon from Ice2921 showing you how to install BB10 on your PlayBook, as well as get BBM and BB World installed. On another note, keep in mind that installing the BB10 Dev Alpha OS on the PlayBook is nothing new. It has been done for some time now. It's just getting BBM and BB World to work that has been the biggest issue... until now.

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