• BBM Beta For The iPhone Gets Great New Features

    Ok you iPhone users, there is a new Beta build of BBM available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for you, if you are a Beta Zone participant. This build came out on Friday the 5th, so you probably got the email link. If you haven't updated yet, get to updating now The new build is version and has some great new features.

    New Features

    Check out Stickers in Group Chats and Find Friends! These are highly anticipated features and we can't wait to hear what you think! Test them now:

    · Stickers in Groups – You can now send stickers within group chats

    · Find Friends – This improves the functionality of suggesting people you may know by making it easier to get started with BBM and add new contacts

    · Updated UI - we have updated BBM to align with iOS8 native design.

    · View Timed Messages Multiple Times: Tap-Hold to View, release and re-Tap-Hold View numerous times until the timer expires.

    · Change the Time Availability of Messages: Remove the 15sec increment and add a 60sec increment.

    Some of the known issues with this build

    Profile banner does not redraw after orientation change on Chats tab

    · Timed message can be viewed (even if user is not touching the screen) when user clicks on the timed message and then clicks home button and again open BBM
    · Contact picker shows "Find a contact" in protected only mode
    · Sometimes instead of sticker only placeholder is visible inside group chat if user receives a sticker that is not installed
    · Stickers are overlapping in Group Chat
    · Bubbles in a group chat are not colored
    · Device switch screen cancel and switch buttons should be two distinct buttons
    · Splat is dislpayed over the featured channels header for notifications

    · Channel lobby does not fill screen on iPhone 6 and Landscape
    · User cannot Add Contact from group lobby (iPad only)

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