• BBM For Android, iOS And What Could Have Been

    Well, by now the roll out of BBM for iOS and Android is well underway. Not even 24 hours have passed and the numbers are excellent. BlackBerry says that at least 5 Million people have downloaded BBM for iOS and Android in the first 8 hours of launch. Congratulations are in order. It is really a great moment for BlackBerry.

    All in all this is wonderful news but then again, it begs the question of "What Could Have Been?", if they had released BBM cross platform earlier. Would it have had an impact on the sales of BlackBerry 10 devices? Would we have seen an uptick in people staying with BlackBerry as their main device? Could we have seen possibly more people sign up for BBM cross platform if there were ads in newspapers instead of twitter and website exposure? From what I've seen, mostly on twitter, people are saying, "I'm finally back on BBM after (x number) of years!!" And they seem overjoyed with being back.

    Ads taken out in major newspapers, USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal in the USA and North America as well as international newspapers, could have made a major, distinct impact for BlackBerry and BBM. It could have made the release bigger and brought more positive recognition for BlackBerry when mostly what you hear is dour news.

    I understand that 5 million new sign ups processed in eight hours is a win for BlackBerry. And I'm incredibly happy that it seems to be going smoothly and efficiently and more people are coming back to BBM. But I wish there had been more of a push behind it. Word of mouth only goes so far.

    I feel that somehow the marketing wing for BlackBerry missed a golden opportunity (yet again) to build up the momentum that was lost on the failed BBM roll out day a month ago. And honestly BlackBerry, no one bought the leaked BBM .apk as an excuse.

    BlackBerry, your marketing "gurus" had a golden path to let the world know it was coming, especially over a weekend. A few print ads, a thirty second TV spot showing BBM on an iPhone and Android device would have done wonders for BlackBerry and frankly, it's status. It would have created more buzz talking about BlackBerry and BBM than you could have imagined...

    And you didn't do anything.

    What do you think about the roll out of BBM? Was it good enough to be left as is or should they have promoted it to build more excitement? Let us know in the comments below.

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