• Battle For 3rd Place: Nokia Outsells BlackBerry For The First Time In Its Latest Quarter

    Android and iOS may be duking it out for the top spot in the smartphone race, but Nokia and BlackBerry have been having a fight of their own for 3rd place over the last year and change. For the time being, it seems that Nokia may be winning this battle, at least in terms of overall sales.

    This morning, Nokia published its latest quarter earnings report and although it posted a loss of $151m, it also announced it had sold 7.8m Lumias over the span. By comparison, BlackBerry reported 6.8m total smartphones shipped their last quarter, which included only 2.1m BlackBerry 10 devices. Now before you mention it, yes, it's true, BlackBerry makes more money per BlackBerry smartphone they sell (including legacy devices) than Nokia does per Lumia. That can't go unstated, and it definitely matters in terms of revenue. Unfortunately, in the long term, that fact doesn't actually help the ecosystem grow.

    App developers, accessory manufacturers, carrier reps and heck, even certain customers focus on what's hot out there. What device is gaining popularity? What device is "seen" the most out there? In other words, market share. They couldn't care less how much the company making the devices earns per device sold. Most, only care about the numbers.

    Big time app developers will only build apps for a specific platform if there are enough users on it. By selling more devices, even if you're not making as much on them, you are getting them into the hands of people and increasing your value in the eyes of big time app devs. Obviously, a lot more goes into the decision to make an app for a specific OS, but having more users on board only helps.

    Nokia recently announced that Vine, Flipboard, Yelp and other big name apps would be debuting in their Windows Phone 8 storefront exclusively. Don't tell me it was simply cash that got these guys on board (Check out mikelcal's editorial "Where are the BIG name apps at?"). Gaining traction

    Hopefully BlackBerry takes a page from Nokia's manual in terms of getting these devices out there whichever way possible. Even if you don't make as much money, getting more people on BlackBerry 10 will help down the line. The Z10 has recently been cut in price, which could definitely prove to be beneficial for its sales.

    Should BlackBerry be worried about Nokia gaining traction with its Lumia lineup? Sound off below!

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