• The Bard's Tale For PlayBook On Sale Now!

    The Bard's Tale has only been out for about a month for the PlayBook and it's already one of the most highly rated games for BlackBerry. It's no surprise either, as the game is enormous, giving users hours of game play adventure.

    For a little added bonus to those of you who haven't downloaded the game yet, I just found out from a tweet by Anders Jeppsson, Head of Global Gaming at RIM, it has just gone on sale for only $2.99! That's a smokin' price for the amount of fun you'll get out of it. Remember, this game is a whopping 1 GB in size. So make sure you make space on your tablet before you begin to download. If you want to learn a bit more about the game before you make the purchase, check out the official BBOS review here. Happy gaming!

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