• Autocorrect This: Ryan Seacrest to Ship BlackBerry Style Keyboards for iPhone 5/5s

    Nope, that is not a photoshopped Q10 keyboard on an iPhone. It is very real, and the product of frustrated inventors with help from Ryan Seacrest. Overly annoyed with how horrible autocorrect and just in general how inefficient the keyboard is on iOS, the TV host/producer paired up with Laurece Hallier, Ryan Hyde and Jonathan Goodrich to steal..er..invent a keyboard that would ultimately replace the secondary device needed for punding out real emails.

    Seacrest is said to have invested $1 million dollars on the project to bring the keyboard/case to fruition. The process took the team nearly two years of development, engineering, testing and feedback that gave birth to the Typo Keyboard. The end result being a case that snaps on to the top of an iPhone and poses as a Q10 with a ridiculously long screen.

    It is not clear if they took the time to clear the obvious legal issues that entail bringing to market a product such as this, given that at first glance it looks identical to a Q10's keyboard, frets, contoured keys and all. I'm curious to see if BlackBerry legal will respond before the product hits the shelves early next year.

    Don't get me wrong, an accessory like this definitely is fulfilling a need in the market, and if the inventors and engineers had not taken the liberty to flat out copy the iconic BlackBerry keyboard, we would not be having this conversation.

    However, If you are still interested in this accessory despite the possible legal dispute that is to follow, you are more than welcome to pre-order the Typo Keyboard for $99 here.
    Source: mashable.com
    Via: @JT_Teran

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