• Augment Your Reality With ARKick For BlackBerry 10

    Augmented reality apps have always seemed so futuristic to me personally, and while the idea is brilliant, most of those apps fail to actually work as desired. Enter ARKick for BlackBerry 10 from Refocus Labs, which takes augmented reality to another level.

    ARKick is the world's first contextual Augmented Reality app. It suggests the user places in an Augmented view. ARKick helps users find the best places around them using factors like weather, time, temperature and also popular personalized places through facebook and foursquare.

    Apart from showing places the user can get information like time to reach the place, directions in a map view, an option to call, ratings and other essential information. ARKick is launching on BlackBerry 10 first and will be coming to iOS and Android in the coming months.

    I've been using ARKick all day today, and I have to say it's pretty awesome, and well worth the $3 it costs. Check out the link below to get more info on ARKick for BlackBerry 10, and go pick it up!

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