• Atas Nama Cinta and The Lord of The Rings Sticker Packs Arrive On BBM Shop

    The BBM Shop has added two new sticker packs into their collections, Atas Nama Cinta and The Lord of The Rings. Well, I'm sure all of you know what The Lord of The Rings is since both its novels and movies have been very successful and its sticker pack should be a great collection for all you LOTR fans out there.

    Meanwhile, Atas nama Cinta sticker pack is in Indonesian so perhaps most of you will be confused by what the stickers are saying. Well, since I'm an Indonesian, let me help you with that. Let's start by the name, Atas Nama Cinta means 'in the name of love' in English so as you can guess, the stickers are all about love.

    Below I provide you all the phrases used in the stickers alongside with its meaning in English:

    • Apa kabar cinta?: How are you dear?
    • Ayah sayang Bunda: I love you (from husband to his wife)
    • Bunda sayang Ayah: I love you (from wife to her husband)
    • Cuma kamu cintaku: You are the only one that I love
    • Buat kamu sahabat: For you my pal
    • Cintamu abal abal: Your love is fake
    • Cuma kamu+aku: Only you+me
    • Jangan lewat dari jam 7 yaaa...: Do not exceed 7 o'clock
    • Hai sayang: Hello dear
    • Selamanya cinta: forever in love
    • Hore: Hurray
    • Kangen kamu: Missing You
    • Tetap semangat bung: Keep up your spirit man
    • Muaaach: Smooch
    • Maaf ya: I'm sorry

    Both sticker packs are priced at $1.99/sticker pack. Head over to your BBM shop and you should see those sticker packs available to buy.

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