• Argentina Banning The Sale Of BlackBerry Smartphones

    Argentina has recently initiated a ban that prohibited the sale of all BlackBerry smartphones. Apple is also not allowed to sell phones, while Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and LG can all continue distribution. The reasoning behind this is that both RIM and Apple do not have factories or partners in the country. Two ways around this issue would obviously be to build a factory to produce BlackBerrys (or iPhones) or find a partner in the country that is already established to sell the phones for them.

    One major factor though that the companies really need to take further into consideration is that both BlackBerrys and iPhones are 60% of the smartphone sales in the country. Currently RIM is in the process of locating a distribution partner to continue the sale of BlackBerrys in Argentina, however Apple is sitting tight and riding out the ban. The reasoning behind the ban is supposedly to stabilize the economy, and once that happens, the ban should be lifted. I reckon the influx of foreign products, such as phones, reduces the amount of money spent on Argentina made goods. For all Argentinians' sake, I hope this ban is lifted as soon as possible.
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