• Application Resource Monitor 3.0 Now Available In The Beta Zone For OS 7.1

    The BlackBerry Beta Zone continues to roll out new versions of BlackBerry 7 and 7.1 apps, and today a new version of the ARM (Application Resource Monitor) is available. If you're not sure what the Application Resource Monitor is, it's quite simple.

    On BlackBerry's legacy OS we know that when free memory gets too low, it leads to a degraded user experience (freezing, lagging, etc). When memory reaches a permanent low level, Application Resource Monitor will provide you with a list of easy intelligent actions you can take to free up memory in one fell swoop. These actions include uninstalling unused applications, deleting or moving large media and document files, and deleting old text and email messages. Below you can see what this new feature looks like!

    If you're using a 7.1 OS device only, and you're interested in giving ARM 3.0 beta a shot, check out the beta program in the Beta Zone today.

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