• Is Apple Headed For A Patent Battle With BlackBerry?

    Apple may be thinking about adding their Force Touch feature to the next set of iPhones. If they do, they may be in some hot water with BlackBerry. It seems BlackBerry owns about 40 patents regarding touch screen and haptic feedback technology which surrounded their release of the BlackBerry Storm.

    For example, BlackBerry’s US 9,092,057, entitled “Electronic device including touch-sensitive display and actuator for providing tactile feedback” describes a mobile device having multiple disk actuators underneath the touchscreen display that provide feedback to the user.
    Though Apple has at least 14 of their own patents related to the same thing.

    For example, US 8,462,133, entitled “Clickable and tactile buttons for a touch surface” describes an iPhone having multiple “click-like” tactile surfaces on the display, as shown below:

    Of course, if Apple isn't trying to include the technology they have nothing to fear. But if Apple does start to push BlackBerry's buttons (pun intended) they should be ready because John Chen has proven he's always up for a fight. Buckle up people. This could get ugly.

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