• Apple and Google continue to gain on RIM's loss


    Last Friday comScore released its latest mobile subscriber market share report, showing the continued trend of Google and Apple gaining on the falling numbers of RIM. To many of us BlackBerry fans out there, this comes as no surprise as patience begins to wear thin with the new BlackBerry OS 7 devices still far out of reach. Google's Android U.S. market share jumped 5.2 percentage points to a 34.6% grip of the industry. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS market share grew a marginal 1.3 percentage points to a 26% share. RIM’s BlackBerry OS share fell from 30.4% in January to 25.7%, for a loss of 4.7% - a telling number to say the least. I don't have to beat a dead horse here, we all know why the number trends have continued the way they have. I think a nice surprise from RIM right now would be ideal to gain consumer confidence and boost RIM back on top in US smartphone subscribers. Leave us a comment on the recent comScore numbers. Any predictions?

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