• App World Gets Flooded With Free 9220 Apps - Official Launch Soon

    This morning I woke up to an awesome little tip that got my day started off right. Apparently in the wee hours of the morning, BlackBerry has released a ton of free apps for the, still unreleased, Curve 9220.

    Now we've seen a lot of specs talk when referring to the 9220 and while it's not the sexiest BlackBerry to date, we feel it'll still be a huge asset to maintaining RIM's dominance in the world's developing countries market. These 8 free apps aren't a huge deal but it's definitely nice to see RIM step up and give these new Curve owners a few cool apps to get started for free.

    Thanks for the tip Ashley!

    [UPDATE] In terms of release date, we keep hearing April 18th as a possible announcement/release date in India. Obviously, only time will tell how accurate these rumors turn out to be but it's safe to say some of you guys will be able to enjoy the 9220 very, very soon!

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