• App Review: Super2 for YouTube

    It can be a little a little frustrating using the HTML5 version of YouTube on your BlackBerry 10 handset - especially when there are some great tools for making great apps.

    Luckily, we have some great developers in the community sich as Marco Bavagnoli who brought us the YouTube Download Manager.

    Super brings all of the functionality that you'd expect on the YouTube desktop site into a single app. You can quickly jump between different views using the action menu from anywhere within the app. Searching is fast and everything feels responsive.

    What's probably important to a lot of people is being able to connect Super to your own YouTube account so that you can easily watch favourites and channels that you are subscribed to.

    It also has an experimental feature to support leanback devices - but I haven't had the chance to try this out yet.

    It wouldn't hurt to have a little more polish in the way that the videos are displayed, but it's a minor gripe when you realise how more accessible YouTube becomes thanks to its interface.

    Check out the video, read on for the full feature list, and then grab it from BlackBerry World.

    - BlackBerry® 10 native look and feel.
    - BBM connected application.
    - view YouTube™ videos on your Smart TV, PS3, PC browser or any other device that support leanback (experimental).
    - Switch video quality 360p, 720p and 1080p when available - Continue listen to videos while using other features - Search for Videos with sort and filters parameters.
    - See and post comments and replies - Choose what you want to see when application starts - Rate and share videos - Manage Subscriptions, Playlists, Favorites, Watch Later
    - Categories from YouTube™
    - built-in video player
    - key shortcuts for devices with physical keyboard (Q10 and Q5).
    - Search history and YouTube™ suggests while typing.
    - watch all supported video files on your phone stored in video, camera, downloads folder and sd card
    - choose different kind of UI layout.
    - automatically play the next video.

    More information / download Super2 for YouTube from BlackBerry World

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