• "App For..." Apps Have 48 Hours To Change Their Names In BlackBerry World

    When you've gone through BlackBerry World you've seen the apps that have "App for...", be it for Instagram or Tinder, etc. They clog up BlackBerry World and it seems that BlackBerry is putting their foot down. BlackBerry is telling those vendors that have an app named "App For..." to change the name of their app within 48 hours or the app will be removed from BlackBerry World.

    The note is as follows:

    Review of your Vendor account has brought to our attention that one or more of your applications violate our Application Naming policy. Please rename or remove any applications with the "App For " naming format, where is the name of a third party brand/company/application/etc. Once completed and approved, no further action will be required, but updating any icons or screenshots is highly recommended. Any new releases will require this name change as well (as it appears on the device). Failure to comply within 48 hours will result in removal of the application from BlackBerry World.
    A positive step? I think so. It is setting a more proactive precedent now that BlackBerry is moving towards a more business like approach to everything. With the business minded BlackBerry Passport coming out, it will give a more refined look to what is available to consumers. Also, it takes away some misleading apps that may trick you into thinking you can get, let's say, Instagram on your BlackBerry via the "App for Instagram" app.

    Let us know what you think? Is BlackBerry doing the right thing?
    Source: CB

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