• Apology Accepted: The New York Times Too, Can Live To Fight Another Day


    Remember that moment in Ratatouille when a bunch of little rats were working in syngergy in the kitchen and famous food critic Ego was totally delighted by a peasant dish he thought would be atrocious? Well thats kinda how this apology from New York personal-tech columnist David Pogue came for BlackBerry users everywhere. While every one at Resear...erm..BlackBerry was working behind the scenes adding sugar and spice and everything nice to the new BlackBerry Z10, Pogue wrote a series harsh criticisms about RIM, and its future not without merit of course, but without seeing the excitement that was building up around him. We thought the matter was resolved when RIM and the NY Times kissed and made up a few months ago with their massive ad campaign on the site, but David himself put on his big boy pants today and offered a sincere apology and we think that is just swell.

    This is what he had to say:

    I’m sorry. I was wrong.This apology is for the bespectacled student at my talk in Cleveland, and the lady in the red dress in Florida, and anyone else who’s recently asked me about the future of the BlackBerry. I told all of them the same thing: that it’s doomed.
    And lets face it. He was right too. RIM died. But like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, BlackBerry rose up to take its place and is here to stay.

    I got to say that the rest of the piece is a very well written summary of what the new BlackBerry 10 Platform is capable of. It is worthy of eliciting pride from any die-hard BlackBerry user or developer who can say "I was part of this."

    Our hats off to you too Mr. Pogue. Let this be the start of a new era where BlackBerry and The New York Times can co-exist as equals. By the way, if you are lucky enough to receive a BlackBerry Z10, you can download the NYTimes for BlackBerry 10 app today!

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