• Another Rumor Surfaces That March 22nd AT&T Will Start Selling The BlackBerry Z10

    In our recent post regarding what we know so far about BlackBerry 10 launching in the USA, we speculated that any date before March 20th would not be very likely. A new recent claim by Bloomberg puts a launch date for AT&T to start selling the BlackBerry Z10 on March 22nd. This specific date Bloomberg says is backed up by two sources, which backs up our original assumption.

    While we know that pretty much all the major U.S. carriers will be launching BlackBerry 10 this month, I would still take any official dates with a grain of salt. Looks to be a chess game going on right now between carriers, and all the hush-hush is really starting to wear on future BlackBerry 10 users. Let us know already!

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