• Another New Image Of The Classic Compares Sizes To Q10 And Bold 9900

    In more BlackBerry Classic news, another image has shown up on the internet comparing the size of the BlackBerry Classic to it's "parents", the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Q10. The BlackBerry Classic looks gigantic in comparison to the Bold and 9900 and looks a little more rectangular but with rounded edges.

    With the 3.5" screen and a QWERTY keyboard plus the BlackBerry "Tool Belt" including the track pad, this is a prefect blend between retro and modern styling. The phone looks sleeker than the Q10 and I would believe that it fits the hands better that a Q10 and a Bold 9900.

    Let us know what your thoughts are about the size of the Classic and will you get one?
    Source: Weibo

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