• Another BlackBerry Enterprising Minds Concept Video Appears

    Back in October of last year, a couple concept videos from RIM leaked into the community. These videos showed various concepts that could possibly become reality on BlackBerry devices in the future. Anywhere from seamless integration from BES admin to the end user, to controlling your home security system and more from your Smartphone.

    This time around, another video has surfaced via the BlackBerryDE YouTube account. The video is dated 2011, so it may just be one of many more of these first concept videos that have yet to release. In the video, it shows off the future of the customer experience as a young woman uses mobile technology to find her wedding outfit, and buy and communicate with online and offline retailers. The video shows that customers and businesses can use mobile technology to work together more easily and quickly to respond to the customers needs.

    What do you think about these concepts? Let us know in the comments!

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