• Announcing BlackBerry Guardian To Protect You From Malicious Android Apps

    BlackBerry announced a partnership today with Amazon to provide a new feature called BlackBerry Guardian which will scan Android apps installed onto BlackBerry phones from the newly partnered Amazon App store. BlackBerry Guardian will start with the release of the much anticipated BlackBerry Passport and other devices starting in the fall. Other BlackBerry 10 devices will see BlackBerry Guardian released to them in a future update to BlackBerry 10 OS.

    David MacFarlane, at the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog, writes that, "As leaders in mobile security, we at BlackBerry feel a strong responsibility to protect users’ privacy and security. I’m very proud to lead the team responsible for BlackBerry Guardian, a program that combines automated and manual analysis with Trend Micro’s Mobile App Reputation Service to comprehensively vet apps in our storefront. Apps submitted to BlackBerry World are continuously monitored to help protect customers from malware and privacy issues. If we identify a suspicious app, we investigate and take whatever action is needed to protect BlackBerry customers, including either denying the app or removing it from BlackBerry World."

    You can read more at the Inside BlackBerry Business Blog on how BlackBerry and Trend Micro are bringing the best security to mobile devices.

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