• Animoog App Comes To BlackBerry 10

    Rick Wakeman, Tony Banks, Rick Wright and... You?

    That's right, you can now join the ranks of music audio virtuosos past and present with the Animoog app from Moog Music.

    Joining the ranks of the awesome BlackBerry 10 music app, Pacemaker, this astonisihing app allows you to synthesize an almost infinite array of sounds, play, record or just muck about.

    Whether you are new to synthesizers or a professional musician, Animoog’s expressive user interface and design allow you to quickly create a rich sonic universe that is brimming with vibrant sonic color and motion.

    Powered by Moog’s Anisotropic Synthesis Engine, Animoog allows you to move dynamically through an X/Y space of unique timbres. This creates a constantly evolving and expressive soundscape that is unlike any other musical instrument.

    Use the built in recorder as a canvas for your creativity or call up a preset and simply enjoy a whole new world of musical creativity at your fingertips. Play a chord and add motion to each note independently, add vibrato while sweeping through a filter in one simple motion, and quickly sculpt dynamic sounds that live, breathe, and evolve as you play.

    It's great fun and is currently on sale at the ridiculously low price of 99c / 75p. Get it. Get it now!

    More information / download from BlackBerry World

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