• Angry Birds Seasons Gets New Pink Bird

    Angry Birds Seasons is getting a new Pink Bird! This Bird's ability is with the power of bubbles. The new update to Angry Birds Seasons brings on a new "Back to School" board where the Angry Pink Bird makes her first appearance.
    Pencils, apples, backpacks, playgrounds -- it's back to school time! But summer's not over yet: we've got some spectacular surprises in store! Brighten your day with 20 brand new schoolyard levels, new bonus levels, and a BRAND NEW BIRD.
    This new update has already hit the iOS platform as of today, but has yet to be updated for the BlackBerry PlayBook. However, we usually see that these updates roll out a week or so after the others. We'll be the first to let you know. Are you excited for the new Pink Bird?

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