• Android Smartphones 4x More Likely To Break Than BlackBerry Smartphones

    A recent U.K. study that collected over 600,000 technical support phone calls over a 12-month period, has concluded that Android smartphones are more likely to break than their BlackBerry counterparts.

    The percentages of technical support phone calls to hardware issues are:
    • Android - 14%
    • Windows 7 Phones - 9%
    • iPhone - 8%
    • BlackBerry - 3.7%

    This study can be simplied down to the fact that when there are more manufacturers per platform then there are more problems. One of the biggest complaints of the Android platform is that it is very fragmented. BlackBerry is not fragmented at all. One company makes the OS and one company makes the actual phone. They work and compliment each other perfectly and this study proves it.

    Technically, there are thirty-five different manufacturers of Android powered phones which makes it very hard to keep an eye on everyone's hardware development lines. Windows 7 phones have five manufacturers and obviously there's only one for both Apple and BlackBerry devices.

    Give credit where credit is due people. Let's put this one in the win column for BlackBerry.
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