• Alpaca Team Releases Luke At The Stars For BlackBerry PlayBook

    The independent Brazilian game studio Alpaca Team has just contacted us about the release of their first game, Luke at the Stars. Luke at the Stars is a tiny puzzle game that tells the story of Luke, a little boy who decided to visit the love of his life, but found the door shut close. Sad, he decided to wander around the city looking for a spot to gaze at the stars and think about life, but the skyline was full of tall buildings. He then wishes up above for the buildings to be gone. Player takes the role of Luke’s imagination and must help him out by combining floors alike and making them disappear, thus, revealing more of his story. The game features a story mode and an endless/survival mode as well.

    Luke at the Stars won BlackBerry Hackathon "Best Game" prize in September 2012.

    Watch the Luke at the Stars launch trailer below:

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