• Alicia Keys Tweets From An iPhone, Then Says She Was "Hacked"

    BlackBerry's Creative Director, Alicia Keys, has apparently committed one of the cardinal sins when representing a company: using a competitor's product in public. In this case, Mrs Swizz Beatz sent out the above tweet from an iPhone.

    You may think, who cares? And I'd somewhat agree with you. The problem is that when you represent a company that makes phones, and go on and on about how you're back in an "exclusive relationship" with BlackBerry at the launch event, you can't use somebody else's phone. It becomes kind of a big deal.

    To be fair, Alicia Keys did send out this other tweet above in which she claimed to have been hacked. The hacker, a Drake and iPhone fan with bad grammar, must've sent that tweet instead then. The "hacked" tweet has since been deleted by Ms Keys, and all is well again in the world.

    Look, whether or not she was tweeting from an iPhone, someone in her team did accidentally, or she was actually hacked, we'll probably never know. If she did tweet from an iPhone, I personally blame the awful Twitter for BlackBerry 10 app we have right now. It's just terrible.

    Hope you changed your passwords Alicia, because you can only hacked so many times before we start getting suspicious of your faithfulness.

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