• Alec Saunders To Leave BlackBerry And QNX

    Alec Saunders, the sometimes rockstar and VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development and current VP, QNX Cloud is leaving BlackBerry after three years with BlackBerry. Saunders, on his blog, says his departure date is somewhere between now and November 3rd. Getting developers to bring their apps to BlackBerry 10 and design native apps was a huge deal. Growing the app count in BlackBerry World from 16,000 to 265,000 was no small feat.

    Alec will be missed for sure. But don't weep for him.

    A number of folks have expressed regrets, or said they were sorry. No need. During my time at BlackBerry and QNX, we’ve achieved significant business results, built lasting friendships, created hundreds of fantastic memories, and learned lessons that we couldn’t have learned anywhere else. These are far more important to me than a pay check, and I look back on what the company and our teams accomplished over the last three years with pride.
    Mr. Saunders brought a energy and enthusiasm to a flagging BlackBerry back in September 2011 which was sorely needed and never waned. His departure is however a sign of the times at BlackBerry where focus is being redirected from consumer to business enterprise.

    So I leave with a light heart, and best wishes for today’s BlackBerry team. I know that turning BlackBerry’s business around will take heart, gumption, and hard work. I have faith that you will succeed, and I wish that you may look back on this period as one of your own “career defining moments”.
    Good Luck Alec. We wish you well on your future endeavors. You were a huge part of Team BlackBerry and you will be missed.

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