• In Africa, BlackBerry Is Still A Status Symbol And Usage Is Expected To Increase

    In Africa having a BlackBerry is more than just carrying a phone. It's a status symbol and add to that, sales of BlackBerry are expected to increase 166% according to a new independent study by GeoPoll and World Wide Worx. Their study shows that the BlackBerry brand is on the rise by leaps and bounds.

    Polling people from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda, Geo Poll surveyed 700 people in each country to see what devices were the popular choice in Africa. The study revealed that BlackBerry which has a six percent market saturation currently, is set to climb up to at least 16% for saturation Add to that, 17% of people polled said they'd be purchasing a BlackBerry smartphone as their next device.

    CNBC Africa declared the BlackBerry smartphone is the go to choice for Africans saying: "BlackBerry introduced most of Africa to the idea of a smartphone, and for the first few years was the flagship brand for the category,” said Matt Angus-Hammond, Business Development Lead for GeoPoll in Southern Africa, as quoted in the CNBC Africa story.

    "They initially hit the market through companies who got contracts for their executives,” said Angus-Hammond, “and are still regarded as a status symbol in much of Africa.”

    You can read more of the poll results over at the Inside BlackBerry Blog but it all looks like the BlackBerry turn around, led by John Chen, is firing on all cylanders.
    Source: IBB
    Photo: BlackBerryCool.com

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