• According To Reports, 70 Percent Of BlackBerry Users Plan On Upgrading To BlackBerry 10

    The Street reports that according to surveys that Scotia Capital analyst Gus Papageorgiou has seen, 70% of existing RIM subscribers plan to upgrade their old BlackBerry device for a new BlackBerry 10 device.

    That means if the numbers hold true to the current 80 million subscribers, that means RIM will be selling around 56 million BlackBerry 10 smartphones! While this type of estimate is pretty liberal, RIM could still be conservatively looking at selling between 30-40 million no problem. That number wouldn't include potentially millions of new subscribers. You do the math.

    So next time someone tells you BlackBerry is dead, just be sure to welcome them aboard with a nice smirk when you see them with their own BlackBerry 10 device come Q1 of next year.

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