• Accessory Review: Skinomi TechSkin For BlackBerry Passport

    Regardless of how careful we try to be with our devices, we are always bound to rub it against something sharp or abrupt & cause scratches to our device.

    Luckily, Skinomi has developped a Strong PVC Based, Carbon Fiber Textured Adhesive Skin to protect BlackBerry devices. Today, we'll take a few moments to look at the Skinomi TechSkin For BlackBerry Passport.

    Applying the skin to the back battery cover is the easiest step of the process. The skin itself does a good job encasing the back of the device. The problem lies in the side pieces of the skin. The skin does not offer cover the top or bottom edges of the sides of the BlackBerry Passport so you take a chance with having little protection if you drop your BlackBerry and it lands on the edge.

    The skin material itself is very heavy duty. The TechSkin is made from the same film material used to protect luxury cars, military aircrafts, and NASA space shuttles. It doesn’t feel sticky, repels spills, protects from scratches and dents. It makes holding onto your Passport a dream. Another good thing about the Skinomi Tech Skin is that it has “self healing” technology. That means that scratches to not stay on the skin and the skin heals itself.I am very impressed that the screen protector part of the skin is smooth, tactile and provides excellent protection to the screen. I've never had a problem with the skin.

    • Lightweight design
    • Durability
    • Lifetime Replacements
    • Eight (8) Color/Design options (Carbon Fiber, Brushed Metal & Wood options)

    • Extremely thin side-strip
    • Doesn't protect brushed stainless steel exterior of Passport.

    Overall, Skinomi has released an exceptional product that is worth more than it's cost. I'd gladly pay more than $20 for such a product that will likely outlast my phone.

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