- Accessory Review: Jabra Sport + Bluetooth Headphones
  • Accessory Review: Jabra Sport + Bluetooth Headphones

    Over a year ago, I reviewed the Jabra Sport bluetooth headphones. I really liked them when I reviewed them back then. Well, today I am giving my review of Jabra’s newest set of headphones, the Jabra Sport + bluetooth headphones.

    The thing that I noticed first off is that the headphones look almost exactly the same as the older Jabra Sport headphones. One main difference is the band that connects the earphones is black instead of yellow. Also, the Jabra Sport + comes with yellow ear gels that have newer designs than the previous ear gels on the Jabra Sport. These new gels help lock the ear buds into your ears. Other than that, visually, the headphones look the same.

    The buttons all function the same and are in the same place as the Jabra Sport. The volume buttons, power button, FM button are all on the right earphone. They still control the media from your BlackBerry so you don’t need to fumble with the volume or selection buttons on your phone.

    The most noticeable changes to the Jabra Sport + over the Jabra Sport headphones are in Bluetooth connectivity and battery. When I reviewed the Jabra Sport last year, I had an annoying problem with having to keep the phone near the headphones so that I wouldn’t get choppy music or drop-outs. I even had to buy an armband to keep the phone attached to the upper part of my arm so it would be near the Jabra Sport. That's how weak the bluetooth was on the old Jabra Sport.

    Not any more.

    The Bluetooth connectivity range seems to have been increased in the Jabra Sport +. I have only experienced drop off twice. TWICE. I walked, jogged and did yard work with my BlackBerry in my back pocket and the audio connection stayed rock solid. I cannot impress on you just how remarkable this is. It was so nice having the increased range on the Jabra Sport + , not having by BlackBerry attached to my arm and getting clear, reliable music to my ears.

    The battery life on the Jabra Sport + has also been increased to four hours of use, over the three of the previous Jabra Sport. I didn’t get exactly four hours but I got pretty close to the four hour mark many times. I did notice that when I used the headphones to answer calls or make calls, the battery life did decrease a bit more than if I just played music through them.

    Overall, the improved Jabra Sport + headphones are so much better than the previous incarnation of the Jabra Sport bluetooth headphones. I highly recommend the Jabra Sport + bluetooth wireless headphones as your next purchase of headphones. They're vastly improved over the Jabra Sport bluetooth headphones and retail at $99.95

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