• Accessory Review: Incipio Octane Pure Case For BlackBerry PRIV

    Regardless of how careful we try to be with our new devices, they are always bound to be dropped off a table or some other object. We are currently on a search for the perfect case that brings comfort, but also protection to the BlackBerry Priv. Today, we'll take a few moments to look at the Incipio Octane Pure Case For BlackBerry PRIV.

    I've always had a good experience with Incipio with my previous devices & I wasn't disappointed upon receiving this case. This case is made with a rigid Plextonium™ polycarbonate shell, making it a flexible case. Plextonium is a proprietary blend of Polycarbonate made by Incipio that is said to deliver better drop and scratch resistance while also allowing easy, reliable manufacturing.

    This case provided all-day protection as I carried my PRIV around in my shirt and/or pant pocket. I always felt comforted that my PRIV was well protected. Incipio has found a high-quality protective experience in their Octane Pure cases, & it certainly shows with every new device that is welcomed to the Octane Pure case family.

    • Easy access to ports
    • Protects all areas that would be scratch-prone.
    • Non-textured backing
    • Contoured protection around camera lens/flash

    • Lack of available colors
    • Fingerprints are very noticeable

    Overall, Incipio provides a great stylish, flexible & protective case. You can get it today for only $29.99 directly from Incipio online store, but be forewarned that the cases popularity has made its availability sporadic.

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