• Accessories for BB10 Leaked

    It wasn't long ago we were longing for a taste for what accessories we'd be getting with the two new BB10 devices to be introduced in less than 2 months. We know for the most part BlackBerry OEM accessories are of good build quality, so I was overflowing with Joy when I saw today that a screen showing the upcoming accessory line up for BB10 devices leaked this morning.

    Amongst the listed accessories are skins, cases, leather holsters and pouches as well as other essentials such as the LS-1 battery and even a charging bundle. As an added bonus, these won't be shipping in the standard all-black fashion, RIM will be providing choice when it comes to colors, as some accessories will be coming at least in gray, red and white. This may hint at the availability of a white model of the all touch L-Series device to be available at launch. Also of note are the transform shells, making it easy to change the color of the back cover of the device.

    The listing of a multimedia dock is also a welcome addition. Although there are no images for the products, I'm expecting this to be a docking solution that allows you yo both charge and connect to a larger display via the built-in micro HDMI port.

    We're still waiting for the rest of the accessory manufacturers to catch up, but hey this is more than just a great start!

    source: BerryBlog.hu via: BerryReview

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