• @BlackBerry Reaches 2 Million Followers - Rattles Off Hilarious Stats In Celebration

    So the @BlackBerry Twitter account has officially reached a huge milestone of 2 million followers! In comparison to it's competitors, BlackBerry towers over the competition in social networking. Apple doesn't have crap for followers as they don't even have an official Twitter account. Android sits at 531,000 followers, and Microsoft at 419,000. So hats off to the Social team at BlackBerry! Here is their little tweet to you:

    Thanks to all of you, we passed 2 million followers! Fact: 1 tweet from each of you = 280 million characters. http://twitpic.com/c5fhxw ^DH
    With the tweet came a hilarious poster that rattles off a bunch of absurd facts that relate to the number 2,000,000. One of the stats says, "2 million cups of coffee would keep you awake for 456 years." See the poster image above for all the funny stats.

    If you are not yet following @BlackBerry on Twitter I recommend you do, as well as open a Twitter account if you haven't already. And be sure to follow us @BlackBerryOS for all the most important daily news.

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