• 5 Tips To Get Your New BlackBerry Smartphone Up & Running

    We have all been there - that moment when you get that brand new boxed up device and don't know really when to start other than ripping it out of the packaging as fast as possible. It's exciting getting a new device, but it can also be overwhelming for the average user.

    Brian from the Inside BB blog decided to make a list of 5 tips that will get you started on your brand new BlackBerry smartphone or PlayBook. The basic 5 steps are as so:
    1. You need a BlackBerry ID
    2. Add Your Email Accounts
    3. Connect to Wi-Fi
    4. Get Apps and Games from BlackBerry App World
    5. Personalize your new device

    For more information and details into how to get started using these 5 tips, you can check out the full tutorial at the InsideBB Help blog.

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