• Is 4K Video Recording Coming To The BlackBerry Passport?

    Is 4K video recording coming to the BlackBerry Passport? In a new image released by @DHabkirk, it appears that there is a possibility that indeed, the Passport may sport the ability to record in 4K. What is 4K? 4K is a device (camera, content or monitor) that has 4000 pixels in it's horizontal resolution. It is also known commonly as UHDTV (Ultra High Definition Television). Remember, the specs of the BlackBerry Passport will have a 13MP rear camera so it is likely that we will see 4K recording on the Passport.

    The 4K feature seems to be in testing only and will probably not be available when the release of the Passport happens but will be added to OS 10.3.1 if it passes the testing phase. Having 4K capability on your video camera means more information and clarity. The downside of this is, you will need a 4K monitor to actually see the brilliance of what you just recorded. I've used a 4K camera before in my work and it is spectacular. I'm hoping that 4K functionality stays on the device because it won't be long until 1080P is the "ancient technology" and we will all be buying 4K televisions.
    Source: DHabkirk

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