• 24K Gold-plated BlackBerry Priv Available from Karalux

    With success in the previous gold-plated BlackBerry Passport and Passport Silver Edition BlackBerry, Karalux has now released the business-class gilded BlackBerry Priv.


    The NEW BlackBerry Passport Priv with back and sides embellished in either 24K Gold.

    The BlackBerry Passport Priv is SIM free and factory unlocked to ALL networks – meaning you can use the BlackBerry Passport Priv on any network worldwide.

    All BlackBerry Passport Priv come with Total Armour Protection.

    All Karalux phones are Sim free & unlocked to work on any network in the world.

    You can purchase a 24K plated gold Priv for $1,350 va the Karalux website.

    Watch below promo video:

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