• 15 Ways QNX Is A Part Of Your Life That You May Not Even Know About

    If you just thought QNX was the fancy OS on the PlayBook and future BlackBerry, you're right and you're wrong. QNX, the highly anticipated software by RIM has already been a part of most everyone's life, including yours, without you even knowing it, says RIM's founder Mike Lazaridis. Just to give you a teaser before jump into the list, did you know that OnStar uses QNX? Me either!

    "RIM now owns the backbone software for many critical services we all rely on."
    Here are some places that you'll encounter QNX software away from the BlackBerry:
    • Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube: QNX technology provides the software's foundation for the World's highest-capacity routers, which handle the data, voice, and video traffic for hundreds of millions of Internet users every day.
    • Your electricity: QNX technology also controls many power generation systems around the globe, including wind turbines, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants.
    • Calling for help: 911 uses QNX technology because of its unprecedented reliability in delivering emergency assistance 24/7.
    • OnStar: OnStar is based around QNX which is used in numerous car models allowing for the system to automatically call for help in a car accident and can also provide emergency responders with your exact location thanks to its powerful GPS.
    • Traffic control: Stop lights use QNX-based technology which (hopefully) helps reduce traffic and waits at intersections.

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