• 10" BlackBerry PlayBook Photos Emerge On Vietnamese Site

    Earlier this month, we posted a BlackBerry 10 Roadmap for 2013. It seems that a few images of one of those devices, BlackBerry 10 inch PlayBook "Blackforest", have leaked online today via Tinthe, a Vietnamese tech site.

    The images provided showed a teardown, where we are able to distinguish a 7,250 mAh battery housed in a slim 10-inch frame, a 4G SIM holder and cellular radio.

    While many others are claiming this is an early 4G PlayBook prototype that was cancelled in mid-2011, we believe that this may be the "Blackforest", destined for release in Q3 of 2013.

    Would you buy this form factor? Do you think this device will launch with BB10?

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