We have all seen the famous Kim Kardashian bikini pictures where she is holding her BlackBerry. Well, its that time of the year again. The sky is blue, the weather is warm, the waves are high, the skin is out, bikinis on and BlackBerry Devices in hand.

Check out all the new Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings from this past week. Be warned, there are some good bikini shots!

Katie Holmes hanging out on balcony with her BlackBerry Bold

Franki Sanford chillin pool side with her white BlackBerry Torch

Molli King using her white BlackBerry (Could be Bold or Torch)

Tamara Ecclestone carrying her white BlackBerry

(Not a Bikini but still good summer wear)
Kim Kardashian with her BlackBerry

(Not a Bikini but still good summer wear)
Miranda Kerr carrying around her BlackBerry device

(Not a Bikini but not wearing any pants either lol)
Rihanna, wearing no pants and carrying her BlackBerry

One of my favorite shows currently on TV.
Shane shows Nancy his puppets on a white BlackBerry Torch on a recent episode of Weeds.
I love this show.