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    The Black Eyed Peas Get BlackBerry Sponsorship

    It appears that The Black Eyed Peas have taken U2's places as Research In Motion's main sponsored musical group. Just recently they have taken over the front page of the blackberry website, which is only part of the RIM sponsorship. In exchange for helping with the Blackberry branding image, there are tour dates and information on the Blackberry website as well as some of The Black Eyed Peas music. The tour that RIM is sponsors has been titled "The End", World Tour 2010.

    Using DipDive, Research In Motion, has placed copies of The Black Eyed Peas music videos and concert recordings on their site, for all to view.

    Seeing as U2's album ended up as a free app on appworld during their sponsorship, we could be seeing a Black Eyed Peas free album download quite soon. Hope you enjoy their music as we will be seeing more of the Black Eyed Peas in the future.

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    RIM needs to pick better artists. I don't like either u2 or bep. Truthfully, I see this as another novelty thing. No good reason for the partnership and nothing that RIM will actually gain from this. And this sort of thing makes me lose faith in RIM.

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    I'm confused by this? I was when they did it with U2. Why does RIM think they need to do it? Why do groups like this need RIM? For yet more cash on both sides! Why wouldn't RIM sponsor a new artist concert series? it would at lease make sense.
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    They're just trying to be cool. Trying to seem hip. But let's face it, they're not. Cool and hip is iPhone. Me-Too is Google. Business/productivity is RIM.

    Be comfortable with who you are, i.e. own your niche.

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