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    by Published on 03-15-2012 03:11 PM
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    Poynt for BlackBerry is without a doubt my go-to app. It has everything you need in terms of resources right at your finger tips. Personally, I think this is the number one app for dating guys. Why? Because of all the different aspects that Poynt offers a person. From movie times, gas prices, local businesses and directions, to weather, making dinner reservations and even searching for special offers near you, this app really allows a guy to seem even more awesome than he obviously is. So boys (and girls), if you want to impress your new lady (or man) friend, let Poynt point you in the direction of a successful relationship, or okay, a good dinner deal.

    The v1.8.6 update includes:

    • WhatGas (UK) timestamp is represented by elapsed time instead of date
    • Making reservations now available for France and Spain
    • Canadians can now search gas prices
    • Deal and offers are included inside the Restaurant tab
    • Online food ordering and menu capability in the US
    • Touchscreen models now have larger icons
    • 9790/9380 support
    • TeleNav library update

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    by Published on 03-14-2012 10:43 PM
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    The incredibly popular Twitter app, UberSocial, has received an update that is now available via App World. No change log with this update but lovers of UberSocial will definitely want to jump on this update as soon as possible. Make sure you refresh App World using the alt+RST refresh in order to get the update.

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    by Published on 03-13-2012 03:44 PM
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    A few days ago we found out that the BlackBerry Mini keyboard was available for pre-sale. Now this nice little keyboard is available at for select locations worldwide. We have been waiting quite a while now for an official keyboard to come out from RIM, and first heard about it at the BlackBerry Innovation forums in Washington DC late last year.

    Bluetooth devices have been a hit or a miss when it comes to solid connectivity to the PlayBook so I am looking forward to this one that is designed by RIM. The keyboard is actually pretty feature rich. Here are some highlights taken from the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog . You will want to check out the video at the end as well.

    Multi-touch Control

    BlackBerry Mini Keyboard comes equipped with a touchpad to allow you to navigate your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Tap the touchpad to simulate a mouse click, tap with two fingers to right-click, and scroll vertically using a two-finger up or down swipe. These gestures make it a breeze to get up and running and begin interacting with the device as well as apps like the Citrix Receiver.

    Ultimate Portability

    The portability of the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with the convertible case provides a mobile computer solution that’s easy to take with you. An added benefit is the screen real estate available to you when using the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

    Security and Power

    BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is designed to connect via Bluetooth® to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and features 128-bit encryption to help keep the connection secure. You can charge your BlackBerry Mini Keyboard using your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet charger to keep things simple and remove any need for extra wires and equipment. But that’s not even the best part – the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard can last up to 30 days on a single charge depending on your usage!The keyboard working along with the Citrix Receiver enables users to have their desktop any place at anytime.

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    by Published on 03-13-2012 11:17 AM
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    Over the next two days we'll getting a couple of updates for some Beta Zone so keep an eye out. First up is Facebook for BlackBerry. The change log is below so make sure you head on over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone to download the update OTA.

    Change log:

    • BBM Profile Update doesn't include tagged friends from Check In
    • Navigation Grid Does Not Open
    • If user initially canceled BBM connection then changed the option to Connect from BBM, Facebook connecting to BBM process did not appear automatically after reopen Facebook
    • Replies to Events or Friend requests through the device's today view is not working
    • "What's on your mind?" is cutoff with large font on publisher
    • Status Publisher - Friends picker screen is unusable in landscape mode
    • Skip button in BBM upgrade dialog needs to be translated
    • Posts being loaded twice
    • "Connecting to BBM" dialog appears every time the user opens the newsfeed or reopen Facebook on BIS SN device
    • BBM connected Profile Issue: The text in the dialog that opens when clicking on the application link in the personal message should not say the app is not installed or that the app is not available in App World

    Visit the Beta Zone on your mobile browser to update the beta Facebook for BlackBerry app.
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    by Published on 03-13-2012 08:01 AM
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    Surfs up as it looks like RIM is surfing its way to the the land down under by sponsoring the Surfaid Ball. The Surfaid Ball is a festive evening with world champion and professional surfers. The event is to support the work of Surfaid. Surfaid is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve health, well-being and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions. The program uses surfing as a means to connect with their cause. Its nice to see BlackBerry being apart of such a great cause. Take a look at their promotional video below.
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    by Published on 03-13-2012 07:33 AM
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    The pan-African mega telecommunications company Vodacom has recently updated their terms and conditions. Many time carriers will adjust their terms and conditions and hit users with some finance fee or add some legal terms to keep them from being sued. However Vodacom to its terms and conditions as step further.

    Vodacom has updated it's terms and conditions for BlackBerry usage to ensure that no users will be allowed to transfer content received when browsing on their BlackBerry. Section 3 of their BlackBerry usage policy states the following:

    3. Off-device Terms of use policyContent acquired in the manner of on-device browsing or downloading may not be transferred off the intended device for utilisation or consumption on another device. Utilisation of content acquired in this manner will be constituted as inappropriate behaviour on your part and Vodacom may at its discretion, take such steps against you as the circumstances require, including initiating legal proceedings against you. Making a backup of the content acquired on your Blackberry smartphone for the sole purpose of restoring it to the same device is allowed.
    So what does this mean? For starters it means that users on the Vodacom wont be able to transfer any content that they downloaded from their BlackBerry browser. That means if you get caught downloaded a picture or music or any other content you could be sued. Ridiculous, absurd, outrageous may be the words to describe this policy.

    The real problem here is other mobile carriers embracing these new terms. Imagine being sued over those Facebook pictures you downloaded or that video clip you wanted to share with a friend. It's said that these new terms and conditions were put in place to prevent BIS usage to download movies and TV shows that are then watched on other devices. Whatever the reason is for the updated terms and conditions it is not going over well with consumers.

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    by Published on 03-12-2012 08:53 PM
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    One of the coolest free games I've come across so far on the PlayBook is Run In Crowd. The concept is simple: run, jump and avoid obstacles alongside other players from other platforms. You read that correctly, this app is cross-platform so iOS and BlackBerry users are all playing together. Aside from that, you can actually customize your little guy (I wonder what his name is) if you buy a costume (.99 cents per outfit).

    All in all, this game is addictive and as soon as I got the hang of the jumping it became a must have! The best part about it, it's free! Great free games are hard to come by so I'm super excited about this one.

    Official Game Description:
    "Run In Crowd" is a game where you race alongside other players in a new world each day.Tap to jump and double-jump. Longer you tap, higher your runner jumps. Avoid obstacles and try to run longer distance than other.


    • Multiplayer - you race alongside other players
    • Level generation - you run in a new world each day
    • Simple and addictive gameplay with simple controls

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    by Published on 03-12-2012 07:07 PM
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    Yesterday, I had the chance to join @BBSuperAbuser on his QuickBerry Podcast as a special guest for a small interview. I must say his podcast is excellent and I had a blast being on it. We discussed, to no one's surprise, everything BlackBerry; past, present and future so make sure you check it out! Don't forget, he's also giving away a brand new unlocked BlackBerry Bold 9900 to one lucky listener as part of the QuickBerry Podcast 500 Giveaway. So by simply going to link below and listening to the podcast you are that much closer to being able to win a new Bold. Get to it people!
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    by Published on 03-12-2012 04:47 PM
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    I must admit, I'm not a fan of these commercials/advertisements/interview videos or whatever you want to call them. While they are part of BlackBerry's Be Bold campaign and get out a cool message, they failt to show off any unique BlackBerry features.

    The video above is about Hailey Kwon, a cupcake store owner that loves her Bold. Unfortunately for us, we don't know this until we see the phone at the 0:47 mark or hear the word "BlackBerry" at the 1:24 mark of 1:57 long video. If that wasn't bad enough, the main highlighted feature of this video is how easy it is to connect through social media, something that every smartphone out there can do.

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    by Published on 03-12-2012 07:48 AM
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    The joys of creative marketing never seem to end, and it seems as though RIM has come along way since its comical Be Bold Team of cartoon like characters that failed to appeal to today's youth. RIM has taken a beating from the media, journalists and analysts who have had their way with RIM's inability to appeal to its younger consumers.

    RIM hasn't taken this lightly and has come out with some weapons of their own. Enter, the dynamic duo, Mr. Amir Blumenfeld and Streeter Seidell. Both are from the popular website that provides viewers with endless hours of risqué entertainment. Together they will provide a double threat of humor and "shut down BlackBerry trash talk once and for all."

    RIM has not mentioned exactly what roles Amir and Streeter will be playing, but they will be a part of RIM's Challenge Council Project. The challenge council project is RIM's marketing campaign geared towards youth. Both Amir and Streeter have a large following among teens, and RIM is hoping to capitalize on both men's ability to connect with a younger audience.

    One can only imagine whats in store with these guys on board. RIM is making more of an effort to build back its street credibility, and is encouraging people to "check out their bios and sign up to be the first to know when these guys start putting BlackBerry naysayers on blast."
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    by Published on 03-12-2012 07:24 AM
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    A few weeks back we introduced the "Blame RIM Phenomenon." The idea behind this "phenomenon" is that due to either lack of communication, explanation, or plain and simple user ignorance, RIM ends up getting blamed for certain problems that are not entirely their fault. In Part I, we discussed apps and how it's up to the developers of these apps to bring them to different OSes and platforms. This article will focus on how carriers decisions can negatively affect how RIM is perceived at times as well.

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    by Published on 03-09-2012 05:01 PM
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    #TeamBlackBerry surpassed 25 million fans across all BlackBerry social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, the Inside BlackBerry Blogs and other global and regional social networks! All regions have set new milestones for fans and followers in the new year, further supporting why BlackBerry ranks among the top brands in the world in social media.

    #TeamBlackBerry Social Media Fans by Geographic Property

    • Europe Middle East and Africa: 2.2 million+
    • Latin America: 4.4 million+
    • Asia Pacific: 4.2 million+
    • Corporate / North America: 16.3 million+
    • Total: 27.1 million fans and followers globally

    BlackBerry Social Media Rankings

    Give us a shout out in the BlackBerryOS forums on why you love being part of #TeamBlackBerry!
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    by Published on 03-09-2012 01:02 PM
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    BlackBerry's marketing team continues to move forward in 2012 with the "Be Bold" campaign. Today, the New York Knicks' official Twitter account sent the above tweet letting its BlackBerry using fans know they can get their seats upgraded by looking for MSG reps at the game on Sunday, March 11th.

    Pretty sweet deal for all BlackBerry users that are at the game on Sunday. I'm not a Knicks fan but I am a New York Mets fan so RIM, can you bring this awesome deal to Citi Field this Summer?

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    by Published on 03-09-2012 10:50 AM
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    The mythical PlayBook keyboard that we've heard so much about is finally getting ready to be launched. You can now pre-order the official Bluetooth keyboard via the Source for $99. The price once it launches will apparently be $119 so you get to save $20 if you pre-order. The keyboard will be shipping March 23rd, 2012. Below are some of the features this awesome keyboard will offer:

    Powerful multi-touch control

    • Use the touchpad to navigate and control PlayBook

    Portable productivity

    • View 100% of your screen while typing
    • Three products in one – keyboard, integrated touchpad and case
    • Easy to carry – same size and shape of BlackBerry PlayBook,
    • Improved Data Entry- The touchpad enables greater precision and improved navigation

    Powered and ready when you need it

    • Charge your keyboard with your PlayBook charger
    • Keyboard will last up to 30 days on a single charge!

    Keep your data protected

    • Features 128bit encryption

    There you have it! Are you on board with the Bluetooth keyboard or are you happy just using the BlackBerry Remote feature?

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    by Published on 03-09-2012 07:30 AM
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    If you live in the metropolitan capital region of the Philippines city Manila, then your traveling may have gotten a bit easier. With MMDA you can navigate with ease around the city.

    Take a look at some of the apps features:

    • Navigate your way through Metro Manila traffic
    • View the traffic situation in Map or Line View
    • Includes EDSA, C5, SLEX, Roxas Blvd, Ortigas, Commonwealth, Marcos Highway, Katipunan, Espana, & Quezon Ave.
    • View problem areas so you can avoid them
    • MMDA FAQs built-in for your guidance
    • Includes MMDA Directory
    • Download MMDA
    • Discuss this in the forum

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