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    by Published on 04-05-2012 06:22 AM
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    The locals in Mexico City are receiving a free gift from their local government,a BlackBerry app that will alert them when a earthquake is about to hit. The application will send a warning notification up to 50 seconds prior to the earthquake, depending on where it hits. 50 seconds may seem like a short time, but to some 50 seconds could mean the difference between life and death.

    Mexico City's Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said that they "want to have the most complete seismic-alert system that there is," It is nice to see the Government taking care of it's citizens like this. Maybe we will see this in other countries as well.

    Residents of Mexico City can download the free app here:

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    by Published on 04-05-2012 05:52 AM
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    Everyone's favorite Twitter client on the PlayBook has been updated this morning. This is mainly a maintenance release but nevertheless, Jerome Carty has made some significant improvements to the app that make it worth upgrading right now. Check below for the change log.

    Here’s what’s new:

    • Timeline position is held if new tweets are loaded while scrolled (instead of jumping to top)
    • Reduced application size
    • Reduced memory footprint
    • Big performance improvements
    • Improved scrolling
    • New splash screen
    • E-mail Tweet
    • Font appearance preview

    And here are some significant bug fixes:

    • Real-time streaming fixes (caused by server changes to Twitter’s streaming on Monday)
    • Long urls in tweets sometimes overflow into the tweet below them
    • Mini browser does not rotate when moving from portrait to landscape and vice versa
    • Tweets over 140 characters are still sendable if the virtual keyboard’s return key is used
    • When tweeting a photo, a lack of space between the link and surrounding text make it unclickable
    • When replying to a retweet, replies should be directed to original tweeter
    • Duplicate tweets

    For more information, go to Kisai Labs' Blog.

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    by Published on 04-04-2012 09:50 PM
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    We are now less than 4 weeks away from BlackBerry World 2012, and a great sign that the even is near is that we've been bestowed with the official Conference Guide in App World.

    The BlackBerry World™ Mobile Conference Guide is an easy way to look up the full breakout session catalog and read up on speakers and conference sponsors. As the event approaches, you will also be able to create your conference schedule and you won’t miss a beat with the apps Event Messages and social channels – all right from your BlackBerry® device. This app will be your onsite tool to fill out surveys, view conference maps, and even connect with other people attending the conference. The app will automatically update when there are schedule changes, and synchronize with your conference calendar in the My Scheduler tool on your desktop.

    Note: Access to some advanced features, such as session scheduling and event messages, are restricted to registered attendees of the BlackBerry World 2012 conference only.

    This is a must-have app for anyone who will be attending BlackBerry World this year. It will help you to keep an organized location to find the event agenda, to see which sessions are going on at any given time. This application is available for all BlackBerry Smartphone (OS 5 & up) & BlackBerry PlayBook.

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    by Published on 04-04-2012 07:02 PM
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    The BlackBerry Developers Blog has posted six new smartphone simulators for download today. These simulators help app developers work their magic as ways of testing previous to release. I know many of the great devs we have on the BlackBerry platform are going to be ecstatic about this news. Most of us wont have a use for this simulators though but rest assured they are extremely helpful.

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    by Published on 04-04-2012 05:58 PM
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    I have actually always wondered about this. I have wondered what are the top selling apps that App World has to offer. I mean we've all kind of had some ideas but never really known for sure. Well with App World's 3rd birthday happening, BlackBerry has decided to reveal their top five selling apps of all time on App World, and the results may or may not surprise you.

    Interesting to see that two out of the top five are apps that control the LED on BlackBerry smartphones. Also interesting to note that Angry Birds, a PlayBook app that can only reach around 1 million PlayBook owners, grabbed the top spot on this list. This to me, definitely shows how PlayBook owners are definitely willing to spend more money on those fancy apps/games that we all want from other OSes. I can bet that in no time thought we'll also see more PlayBook apps (can you say Blaq) creep up to the top five.

    1. Angry Birds by Rovio for the BlackBerry PlayBook
    2. BeWeather by Bellshare for BlackBerry smartphones
    3. ColorID by Motek Americas for BlackBerry smartphones
    4. Shazam Encore for BlackBerry smartphones
    5. BeBuzz by Bellshare for BlackBerry smartphones

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    by Published on 04-04-2012 04:39 PM
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    BlackBerry has made two more games available to OS 7 users for free today in App World. Both the Sims 3 World Adventures and Need for Speed- The Run are now downloadable for free compliments of BlackBerry. Go ahead and fire up App World and get your hands on both of these games as this is only a limited time offer.

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    by Published on 04-04-2012 04:32 PM
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    BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) has been updated to v1.9.2 and now supports OS 7 devices! This has been an anticipated updated for users of the program as it brings much needed support among some great enhancements to the overall speed.


    • Added support for multiple devices including 9930, 9850 & 9350
    • OS 7 Support
    • Code completely optimized for speed

    Be sure to leave us a comment if you discover any findings/fixes of your own.

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    by Published on 04-04-2012 04:03 PM
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    Some good news to our fellow BB fans out there in Cambodia, as RIM has just launched the BlackBerry OS 7 Smartphones after a very long wait. Another country will start enjoying a whole new operating system for BlackBerry devices as they will now experience this awesome creation by RIM. The BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry Curve 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 will be available in their local BlackBerry shops and BlackBerry authorized partners.

    “We’re pleased to bring these four new BlackBerry 7 smartphones to customers in Cambodia,” said Nicholas Horton, Managing Director, Indochina at Research In Motion. “The BlackBerry solution offers an industry leading mobile communications experience that customers love and we think they will be thrilled by the faster performance enhanced browsing, richer multimedia and localized support delivered by the powerful new BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve smartphones.”

    For the past couple of months, we have been hearing great reviews and comments with this new OS 7, especially with its highly recommended faster web browsing experience. I can certainly say that the users will be satisfied with what it can offer based on my own experience as a BlackBerry Bold 9900 user. A lot of changes and many enhancements have been made in BlackBerry 7 which they will be able to try, as this new OS is packed with pre-installed apps and integrated functionality.

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    by Published on 04-03-2012 07:06 PM
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    UPDATE: @BlackBerry_UK just posted the tweet below in response to this evening's unfortunate incident.

    The night was going wonderfully in London, during the U.K. BBM party this evening. Unfortunately, it seems the night would not continue this way as reports have been coming in the last 20 min of a very unfortunate incident. Apparently after an altercation ensued on the dance floor, a broken bottle became a weapon as one of the attendees was allegedly stabbed in the neck.

    Police are on the scene and are currently not letting many of the guests leave the VIP area. No word on the condition of the victim or of any arrests have been made but you can be sure we'll keep this post updating as we learn more about the incident.

    As a side note, it's definitely unfortunate for RIM as it seems even a great night like this can be so easily ruined by bad people. This will also most likely cause another major PR nightmare for them in the short term, something they definitely cannot afford at this time.

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    by Published on 04-03-2012 05:10 PM
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    Research In Motion is trying. They are trying very hard to get developers on board as part of the uphill climb towards BlackBerry 10 and apparently the success is slowly starting to show. RIM has shared with us some of these statistics from Q4 2011 to share with our readers which will show the progressive improvement that's happening.
    There has been a clear commitment from BlackBerry to developers, with tools focused on usability and ease of development; increased involvement and contribution to open source; reinvigorated community event involvement over the last six months; new energy and leadership in Alec Saunders and Martyn Mallick; as well as the unprecedented seeding of a non-commercial testing device - the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device - at BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando this May.

    · 21% increase in BlackBerry smartphone apps
    · 89% increase in BBM connected apps
    · 240% increase in PlayBook apps submitted to App World


    · 68% increase in vendors registered on App World
    · 42% increase in apps submitted to App World by developers
    · 137% increase in PlayBook apps approved for sale
    · Built porting guides to allow WebOS and jQuery apps to be ported to
    · Announced port of Qt to allow Nokia developers to target PlayBook
    and soon, BlackBerry 10
    · Launched BlackBerry Native SDK 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook
    · Prior to PlayBook OS 2.0 launch, incented 10,000 new developers to
    register as BlackBerry developers, with offer of a PlayBook in exchange
    for an app. Over 7,000 new apps submitted
    · Since its launch 10 weeks ago, the BlackBerry Developer Success
    Story page has added more than 20 stories with more to come soon


    · More than 70,000 apps in App World
    · More than 15,000 PlayBook apps
    · More than 2 billion total apps downloaded
    · 177 million apps downloaded per month
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    by Published on 04-03-2012 08:35 AM
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    Today RIM has released one of the most sophisticated device management solutions to date. CIO's, and IT Admins, rejoice your all-in one solution is finally here. This marks a monumental leap forward in device management as the array of mobile devices flooding the workplace is astronomical. From end users to CEOs, people want to have the device of their choice. This has always proved to be a nightmare for IT Admins as there was no good way to manage the variety of devices that made up their mobile devices in the workplace.

    Enter BlackBerry Mobile Fusion the answer to control and stability within device management. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is built from RIM's solid BES foundation so organizations can be assured of its rock solid performance and stability. “BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows organizations to manage a mixed environment of devices in the most secure, simple, and cost efficient manner possible. It also means that businesses and government do not have to move to the lowest common denominator on security for all the devices they need to manage.” said RIM's VP of Enterprise Product Management and Marketing, Alan Panezic.

    BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows for the management of several mobile platforms to include BlackBerry smartphones, iOS (version 4 or later), Android (version 2.1,2.2,2.3), PlayBook Tablets, and future BlackBerry 10 devices. Through a easy to use web-based interface an Administrator can easily activate, audit, and perform other management tasks.

    Overview of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Features include:

    • BlackBerry Device Service - provides management features for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets
    • Universal Device Service - provides management features for devices that use the iOS and Android operating systems
    • BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Studio - a web app that provides a single place for management of mobile devices, users, configurations, policies and more

    In addition to the management of BlackBerry devices BlackBerry Mobile Fusion also provides the following capabilities for iOS and Android devices:

    • Support for multiple devices per user
    • Application and software management
    • Connectivity management (Wi-Fi®, VPN, certificates)
    • Centralized, easy to use, unified web-based console
    • Security and policy definition and management
    • Asset management
    • Configuration management
    • Security and protection for lost or stolen devices (remote lock, wipe)
    • User- and group-based administration
    • High scalability

    For those of you itchy to try the software you can try it free for 60 days. This is a must have for any organization looking to regain control of mobile security, and organisation.

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    by Published on 04-02-2012 04:08 PM
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    The Application Developers Alliance, which is a new organization dedicated directly towards app developers, has announced its board and Research In Motion's very own VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, has been named as a member.

    Saunders will be joining some heavy hitters of the mobile industry, including representatives of AT&T, Google and others (No Apple rep interestingly enough). Their first meeting will be at the end of this month on April 24th.

    Congratulations to Alec Saunders and his team as it seems, after all their hard work, they are definitely getting the recognition they deserve.
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    by Published on 04-02-2012 11:39 AM
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    Another time I wish I lived in the U.K. has come around. Pop superstar Jessie J and newcomer Wretch 32 will be performing tomorrow night at a BBM party in London. She's apparently giving away 3 pairs of tickets to 6 lucky BlackBerry/Jessie J fans that retweet the above tweet.

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    by Published on 04-02-2012 11:15 AM
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    The current Facebook for BlackBerry beta app has been updated from v3.0.0.9 to v3.0.0.14 today. Check out below for the complete change log.

    The following fixes have been implemented in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.0 version

    • When Facebook is installed on a device running a language that is not officially supported by Facebook for BlackBerry, but is supported by BB, the app is supposed to default to English.
    • Facebook application uses HTTP links in browser
    • The Facebook server has returned an unknown error and is not able to fulfill your request. (1500)
    • WiLAN event is not being processed correctly when radio is low or changed
    • Unable to close Facebook using back key on 6.0

    Visit the Beta Zone to download the new version of Facebook for BlackBerry.
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    by Published on 04-01-2012 11:06 PM
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    If you've found the time over the last few days to open up BlackBerry App World, you may have noticed that there is a new banner that announces Happy Birthday to RIM's native app storefront. On April 1, 2009 during CTIA's annual trade show, was when App World first launched.

    Over the last 36 months, we've seen App World grow from an initial 1,000 apps to now over 70,000 apps! Not only have we seen the app selection grow, but we've also seen App World become available in several new countries & even introduce carrier billing.

    I was surprise to see that RIM wasn't promoting this milestone more heavily, especially with all the positive/negative press that we've seen since the fiscal results last week.

    When asked via Twitter, Alex Kinsella, Senior Public Relations and Social Media Manager at Research In Motion said:

    Everyone's heads down on BB10 - we'll celebrate then.
    If everyone is working so hard on BB10, will we possibly see App World v4.0 with these devices?

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