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    by Published on 10-26-2011 09:05 PM
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    Now Western Union moves money from the palm of your hand! This free app makes using Western Union services quick and convenient. With your BlackBerry you can:

    • SEND MONEY: to over 200 countries and territories using your credit or debit card
    • SET UP A TRANSACTION: to send with cash at a nearby participating Western Union Agent location
    • FIND AN AGENT: with maps and directions to thousands of participating Agent locations
    • ESTIMATE PRICES: compare fees for Western Union services
    • TRACK A TRANSFER: get the current status of your transaction
    • MANAGE YOUR PROFILE: register online or update your profile

    Note: Requires OS 4.6.0 or higher to install.
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    by Published on 10-25-2011 10:34 PM
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    The BlackBerry PlayBook has slowly been seeking to establish its presents in just about every market, especially the enterprise market. Mobile Innovations, a company that specializes in integrating mobile solutions within law enforcement operations, has included the PlayBook in its list of mobile solutions.

    The concept behind utilizing the PlayBook is actually really simple; let it do all the work. Here is how it works. The PlayBook can be placed on a mount in the center of the vehicle that also functions as a charger and a USB port replicator. The USB slots can then connect the existing in-car peripherals like the printer, dash mounted drivers license scanner, CAN bus, camera system, SSD in the trunk, and keyboard. the PlayBook is now the central control point for everything in the police cruiser from lights to booking information.

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    by Published on 10-25-2011 07:33 PM
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    And the lucky winners are...

    Please check your PM for details on how to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who participated. If you didn't win this time around you can still try your luck in our Bold 9650 device giveaway contest!

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    by Published on 10-25-2011 07:14 AM
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    Looks like BlackBerry App World has made it out of the Beta Zone as of right now. If you head on over to the official app world site you can download version . A few days ago we reported that version was available in the Beta Zone, and that there were quite a few updates. There were a few mixed thoughts on version as many thought it was still a work in progress. With version already available to the public, and released with no change log we can only assume that the changes with .28 have been applied to this release. Could this be the final release that we see for a while? Let us know your thoughts on this version of App World.

    Download It here:
    BlackBerry - App World - Official Store for BlackBerry Apps
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    by Published on 10-21-2011 11:42 PM
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    Over the past few weeks it seems as though RIM has gone to great lengths in order to ensure that developers have all the necessary tools to make great apps for BlackBerry devices. RIM has released version 2.2 of their popular WebWorks SDK. There are a few new features so be sure to check it out. Here are some of the changes and new features in this release:
    • Mac OSX Support – Need we say more? This very exciting and highly demanded feature is now available. A Mac version of the WebWorks SDK installer is available for developers to use and build WebWorks applications using OSX.
    • Payment API – the same API that was recently made available for the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK for PlayBook OS can now be used to sell digital goods through WebWorks applications running on BlackBerry Smartphones. This feature gives developers an incredible monetization opportunity for increasing the revenue of their applications. Read more about our payment service.
    • BB7 net_rim_api.jar – The underlying API library used by the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK has been updated to the BlackBerry® 7 developer APIs. This means that WebWorks developers can now create their own JavaScript Extensions and make use of APIs found in BlackBerry Device Software versions 5.0, BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7.
    • BBM APIs – Developers can now find the BlackBerry WebWorks APIs needed to integrate their applications with the BBM Social platform automatically included as part of the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK. Read more about the BBM Social Platform SDK.
    • Side by side installs – The installer has been modified to produce a standalone install of the WebWorks SDK for Smartphone. This feature gives developers the ability to build different versions of their applications based on different versions of the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK, which is often a requirement for supporting production code.
    • Memory leak fixes – many performance and stability improvements have been made to the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK to fix memory problems encountered with WebWorks applications running on BlackBerry 6 and 7 OS smartphones.
    If your a developer and want to check it out you can download it here.

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    by Published on 10-21-2011 02:57 PM
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    Hey Beta Zone users App World has received another update. This one actually has quite a few updates, take a look at them here:

    • Sleek New Design - The BlackBerry App World experience has been enhanced to help you discover the latest and greatest apps and content, starting right on the BlackBerry App World home screen where rotating spotlight banners show off all that’s new and exciting.
    • New Channels - Apps, Games, and Themes now have their own channels so you can get to what you want even faster. Each channel offers up a whole range of Categories, Top Lists (for Paid, Free, Rated, New Arrivals) and a Search Bar.
    • Introduction of My Account - My Account makes managing your BBID and payment options easy with direct access to all of your account information from the home screen.
    • New My World Features - My World gives you a streamlined view of all your apps and their status, and now at a glance, in addition to seeing which apps are installed and uninstalled, you can manage your subscription content and services. When new updates or subscription renewals are available for your apps, you’ll be notified using push technology.
    • App Social Sharing - When you find an app you can’t live without, share it with your contacts directly from the app details screen through BBM, Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS.
    • Evolved App Details Screen - At a glance, you can get a quick summary, check out reviews and star ratings, take a look at screen shots, and more.
    • More Search Options - Quickly find apps with a Search Bar now appearing on the storefront home screen and search results are presented across Channels as well as My World. Search Bars are also within each Channel and users have the ability to filter by App Name, Price, Rating, Newest, Best Match, or Popular.

    Head on over to the Zone, and start updating. Let us us know your findings.
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    by Published on 10-19-2011 06:12 PM
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    The recent BIS outage has pushed many projects and release dates back. One of them was the experected Beta Zone release of Twitter 2.1. Well today, we've been notified that Twitter 2.1 is available for all Beta Zone members. So if you would like to test it out head on over to www.blackberry.com/beta and sign up!

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    by Published on 10-19-2011 01:32 AM
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    It's seems just like it was yesterday that many of you were affected by RIMpocalypse.

    As mentioned earlier this week, RIM has partnered with several app developers to provide FREE premium apps as a compensation for the outage.

    The first developer to bring the offer/promotion to App World is iSpeech with their DriveSafe.ly Pro app. Typically a $19.99 USD value, the app is FREE for a limited time.

    DriveSafe.ly 2.0 speaks txt (SMS) and email messages aloud so you can concentrate on the road. Eliminate temptation to drive distracted-let DriveSafe.ly read txts (texts) and respond by voice with Pro.
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    by Published on 10-18-2011 05:40 PM
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    What a wild day we are having in the BlackBerry world. It seems as though the Beta Zone users are getting some love from RIM as well. Earlier we reported that the eBay app for BlackBerry was updated, and now there is even more great news. Scoreloop SDK has been made available in the Beta Zone.

    Scoreloop provides everything you need to add social elements to any game. From developers to brands, operators and OEMs, Scoreloop’s social gaming ecosystem and SDK creates instant communities and connections, and new ways to generate revenues from mobile games.
    At this time its looks as though there are no downloads available, but I suspect they should start appearing real soon. So once again head on over to the Beta Zone and start updating.
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    by Published on 10-18-2011 05:15 PM
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    We take a quick break from DevCon news to let you know that, eBay for BlackBerry has been updated to version If you have a Beta Zone account head on over to the Zone and start updating.

    Some new features include:
    • Navigation Bar -- shows the currently selected screen and a cursor for when navigating between options
    • Tool tips -- now provided to indicate what the icon on the navigation bar is for
    • Shipping Option -- updated so only one option show at first and the user can add more or remove ones they don’t want
    • Selling items -- When selling an item, the user is provided with several return options when available
    Do you use this app?
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    by Published on 10-18-2011 03:51 PM
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    If you've opened up App World today you may have noticed a new featured selection labeled "A Thank You Gift." Yep, RIM is prepping App World for the free app frenzy to take place tomorrow for all BlackBerry users. These apps will be available to download until the end of 2011 so that will give you plenty of time to get your app on. What's the catch? Depending on your device, some of the free premium apps will not be available to you. Of course this is normal as one wouldn't expect to run N.O.V.A. by Gamloft on the old clunky 8300. Yesterday we reported a evolving list of apps that will be included in the gift pack, amongst one month free of tech support for Enterprise users.
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    by Published on 10-18-2011 06:41 AM
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    We knew it was going to be a busy day today as its the start of BlackBerry DevCon Americas. Already in the wee hours of the morning, things are starting to come out. To start things off we have a leaked video from RIM discussing the BlackBerry Packager for Android. The video walks us through the package manager, and provides some pointers on how to use it. Here are the main points discussed in the video:
    • Great way to check compatibility of existing Android applications to the BlackBerry platform
    • Convert APK files to BAR files
    • Get your signature keys before doing any porting or development - developer.blackberry.com
    • Brief overview of the package manager UI
    • Shows Android Player on Playbook

    We will bring your more updates through out the day, so stay tuned right here at BBOS for the latest news of BlackBerry DevCon Americas.

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    by Published on 10-18-2011 12:43 AM
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    S4BB Limited has given us 25 copies of their BatteryBooster app for BBOS members! BatteryBooster is designed to help boost your battery's current runtime! The benefits of owning BatteryBooster are:

    • Enhance the current battery runtime.
    • No new hardware: Software only solution. No additional hardware needed!
    • Easy: Just install and save battery.
    • Convenience: Can run in background: BlackBerry can be used for other purposes as well.

    Plus TWO Applications included for Free!

    1) PowerControl is a neat battery saving tool! It allows you to schedule your device to turn off and back on when you want. Multiple off/on schedules are possible and can save a lot of power! Sells for $9.99 separately, but now FREE with BatteryBooster!

    2) SmartWiFi saves battery by turning off WiFi when not needed and turning back on when needed. For example, WiFi being switched on is not needed when you commute between office and home. When WiFi is off battery is saved. Sells for $9.99 separately, but now FREE with BatteryBooster!

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    by Published on 10-17-2011 07:30 AM
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    The ever popular social app foursquare has been updated to version 3.3. There are actually a few new things to point out with this release. The biggest part of this update appears to be the addition of a notification tray that keeps track of the notifications within the app. Here are some of the notifications you will find within the new tray:

    • a friend comments on one of your check-ins;
    • there are new comments or photos on a check-in you’ve commented on;
    • your friend does one of the Tips you’ve left;
    • you and a friend both have the same place on your To-Do List;
    • there’s a special deal at a place on your To-Do List;
    • a place you’re at starts swarming;
    • one of your Facebook friends joins foursquare (worlds colliding!); and,
    • you’re ousted as Mayor (boo!).
    In addition to the notification tray, a few other updates have come as well. Here is the list:
    • You’ll find better setting and account management, so you’ll be able to manage your privacy settings, password, and 3rd party apps – (this one’s for BlackBerry OS 5 and up).
    • We’ve made tons of improvements to GPS and location support.
    • Lots of other small tweaks and fixes!
    Happy updating! You can download it here:
    Free foursquare - Download foursquare - Free Apps from BlackBerry App World

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    by Published on 10-17-2011 06:43 AM
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    We all know the past week was a nightmare for some people in regards to their BlackBerry service. I too was among the ones that experienced this disruption. I believe RIM was working very hard to fix the issues, as its not easy to fix a complex global network like the one RIM has. As you probably know by now RIM has some very angry customers right now, and many were wondering what RIM would do to compensate the users affected by the outage.
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