Hello admin, thanks a lot for your tips, helps and tutorials and information. I appreciate your work and effort so much. But I am having a big problem right now, I bought blackberry z10 (STL100-3), some years ago and created a bbid with my old email address then but recently, I discovered that the email has been blocked and I now have no access to it and I as well can't get access to my device after updating/flashing with an autoloader because the anti theft feature was turned on and now it keeps asking for login with the original login details I used to set up the device. I contacted blackberry support and all they said was "if I can't get access to either my mail for recovery or remember the first login details, I should forget about my device and get a new one". To me, this is really bad because all my work files and credentials and all are up in the device and is my hard earned money that's about to just waste. Please I would appreciate any help or hack to bypass this so called "annoying anti theft " feature. My current version is 10.3.2