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    HELP PLEASE???? I need help badly on my Z10 please?????

    I have z10 here actually they two devices 100-3 and 100-4,
    how I am sure that it is their right brand?
    *they are brick but if you will connect on computer the Blackberry software for lower version units it can detect it, it is the blackberry desktop software

    it can show the device model, though it is not supported by black berry desktop at least the model was shown there..

    What I did next is to try to RELOAD the unit using Blackberry Link But this always came out every time I am trying..

    So I decided to download a Loader for its brand 100-4 and 100-3..

    I tried to do it again using the Loader it will load until 100%

    but after that the red Led will come again then eventually it will turn off

    and the unit will not be detect on computer anymore. ( but I can manage to bring back the RED LE by using CFP but just the red blink will the only thing that will work after using CFP) Everytime I am trying to use any version of Loader it always just will finish untill 100% but after that again it will just make the unit dead no blink and not detected by computer. again to bring back the red blink and to detect by computer again I will use CFP again..
    For the record I have already tried this version of Loader


    Same result dead units need to use CFP to bring back Red Led blink...

    I am also wondering why battery is not on display even if its connected to Charger is that normal????..

    but the units are still can be detect by computer and there Red Led are just keep on blinking..

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    The only thing I can think of is that you have the wrong device model. It might be an STL-100-1. Try each autoloader for the various models. Post back with what you find!
    BB then, now, forever!

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