[HELP] Z10 can't fault it until...
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Thread: [HELP] Z10 can't fault it until...

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    [HELP] Z10 can't fault it until...

    I've had my BlackBerry Z10 for just over a year and apart from battery life and weak WiFi signal I can't really fault it until I turn on the phone with a flat battery. Next night I turned off all apps but again a dead battery in the morning. I can't wait for the new battery ordered on mpj and to see if the battery is the culprit. Already disable all functions and removed all data without improvement.
    Anyone has seen similar issues and how did you fix? Thanks for any help in advanced.

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    Bad battery performance can come from many culprits: Apps, os, a bad phone (hardware: rarely) or the battery itself. I use a Q10 personally, but my so who uses my Z10 gets at least 12 hours a day with heavy use (he's 14!).

    Search the forums, do your own research and I hope you find the culprit. Personally, I'd look at either the battery itself or doing a good security wipe to clear up any bad karma. Good luck and please post back with your findings!

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    Yes I also found an issue on the battery of z10 units.. it should be like the battery of new smarts phone that has more capacity in terms of mah

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